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Beacon Art Studios
is a fully functioning Fabric Arts studio that creates and sells quality products all over the world.   Our skilled and experienced team can cut and sew, press and package any fabric design.  We pride ourselves on our ability to produce finely crafted products, be they puppets, costumes or simple seam creations.
Beacon Art Studios can help you develop ideas and create products.  We can begin with concepts, sketches, or prototypes from which we can create patterns and samples.  We have designed hundreds of products and can gladly participate in and produce whatever you are looking for.

Pattern Making
We are quite experienced at making patterns for 3D objects (puppets, handbags) to apparel.   We hand draw all of our patterns, then cut individual sized matrix’ that can be used to draw out each sized piece for assembly.

Design and development
We love to create and the challenge that comes from taking raw designs and creating a finished prototype or product.   Just give us sketches, images or rough concepts and we will work with you to create your vision.
Material resourcing
After almost 20 years working with textile manufacturers and wholesalers in and around New York City’s Garment District, we can help you source the perfect fabric and accessories for your designs.

Sample Making

We offer sample sewing to clients who have concepts or designs and are ready to market their products without the need for inventory and the associated costs.  
Folding, tagging, wrapping, labeling are all possible.


If you have a need, we can ship finished products direct to your customer.  Be We can easily pack and ship orders through multiple selling channels and carriers.  

Our fees
At Beacon Art Studios, we take pride in paying attention to detail and quality; our strength is that each of our employees feels the same way.
We charge for production by the piece, but, it is calculated by time spent.    
We ship products daily, and can easily fit your products into our shipment schedule. We will charge a storage and inventory fee along with a per shipment fee, both determined by scope of the arrangement.   

For more information please contact us by email or phone 845-728-2542