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Why an Art studio?
I have had a dream for a long time to have a studio where I could work make costumes and puppets, but also have workshops for children and adults. I envisioned opening a studio where children and adults could gather together to create new things from old things to find new use to seemingly useless things. Learn how to sew, knit, crochet, make puppets and just enjoy the creation for what it is. I try hard to put emphases on the process and not necessarily on the finished product, especially working with children.
That dream is becoming a reality right here at The Beacon Art Studios.
I’ve spent most of my professional life working as a Production Designer and Costume Designer, now I am ready to share some of my knowledge and experience with my community.
That’s why an Art studio.

Eva Intonti Gronowitz
Founder and Creative Director


Designer and maker of the famus puppet Jeffy from Super Mario Logan

Production Designer/ Costume Designer
Commercials, Television, Feature Films, Stage Design and Dance.
An award winning Production Designer / Costume Designer with over 25 years experience in both design and production work.
Screen credits include over 200 commercials, 30 television shows, series and movies, 3 feature films, music videos and several theatre productions.
Directed and Produced several childrens theatre plays.
Designed and produced over 2000 costumes in the last 10 years

Teaching Experience
Over 20 years experience guiding and motivating children by counseling, teaching, and lecturing for visual arts and crafts. Beginning with 10 years as a camp counselor providing supervision and instruction. During the school year, I taught Film, video and Theater and substituted within the Swedish School System. I taught, Photography and Film to Middle School children in the Tel Aviv School System. At Camp Glamsta Sweden, I Counseled children from the age of 9 to 15, proving instruction in arts, crafts,sewing and puppetry. Also created education programs for children and designed the teaching curriculum for the counselors.

Puppets and Childrens Theatre
Designed and created puppets for television, commercials, and toy stores.
Produced and directed childrens theatre

Individual awards include: Israel Academy Award for Design (Tel Aviv Stories)
Haifa Film Festival, Best Design (Wella Hair Products)
International Haifa Children's Theatre Festival (Littleman and the Dragon).
Numerous International Project Awards: Cannes Film Festival.
Numeorus awards for best costume at dance competitions as, Ticket to Broadway, Dance Xplosion, and many others.

Bachelor Degree in Film and Television, University of Tel Aviv.
Theatre and Film at University of Lund, Sweden.
Parson New School, NYC.
Languages: Fluent in English, Swedish and Hebrew.
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